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Life Coaching | Leadership Development | Momentum Wellbeing

Hi, I'm Andy.

I teach people how to systematically find direction in their life/business, create the circumstances and traction to make it happen

Life Coaching



Life Coaching

Training and Online Coaching Services | Momentum Wellbeing
Life Coaching | Leadership Development | Momentum Wellbeing

Live Your Life & Business
by Design

Sounds simple doesn't it? It's a straightforward enough idea. Choose how you want to live, then make it happen.

It's simple... and, it's not easy.

For individuals, I help the over 50s adjust their life towards the direction they most want with my Life Coaching services.


For businesses, I help solopreneurs blend together their life and business direction.


For small companies, I help leaders and their teams intentionally tune their culture for one of wellbeing. 

How? By drawing on the best analytical tools, techniques, strategies and neuroscience research to systematically deliver the better results more effectively.

Life Coaching | Leadership Development | Momentum Wellbeing

Life Coaching

Coaching takes place in a confidential 1-to-1 or small group format either online or face-to-face (depending on the program). I take on coaching clients who are serious and ready to work into areas of their life/business and are committed to achieving different and better results than they have done before. 

I blend most of my coaching with training of new practical skills in a program format. I'm a hybrid of a coach, trainer and consultant; That's what I have found to be most effective with people. I provide a number of tools to support you and to measure progress.

For many, the idea of having a coach is a luxury. For me, it's a must-have in today's world.

If you're serious about making a significant or strategic change, check out any any person or team striving toward the top of their game and, right next to them, you'll find those that help, guide, nurture, and challenge them.


You'll never quite be able to understand the value of having a good coach ... until you've experienced being supported by one. Which is why I offer something most coaches won't ... a money-back guarantee. I'm confident in what I offer and the accelerating effect it has.


To find out how I might help you, book your free Discovery Call.

blend both their life and business direction.

Training Courses

Later this year, I'll be releasing a small collection of on-demand training courses available at low cost. These are in addition to training given as part of a coaching program. 

Part of my mission in life is to make training content available to as many people as possible.

Register your details, if you want to be notified when the course content becomes available.

Life Coaching | Leadership Development | Momentum Wellbeing


“It allowed me to look at where I was and what made me happy"
Life Coaching | Leadership Development | Momentum Wellbeing


"A new way of approaching things and support on how to change my habits for the better"
Life Coaching | Leadership Development | Momentum Wellbeing


“It gave me the space to assess what I really wanted to be different and what I wanted to stay the same”
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