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Want to know more about Leadership Coaching?


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I leverage tools from Barrett Values®, Positive Intelligence®  and frameworks such as The 9 Environments of You and Canfield Success Principles® to create a higher personalised coaching and training experience.

List of Available Coaching Services

Discovery Call - A free 30 minute call to explore how these services will benefit you

Personal Values Assessment - An abridged self-assessment version (free of charge to you, charitable donation by me)

Individual Values Assessment & Coaching Feedback Session - Choose either your personal values in the context or work or general life. Each assessment comes with a 2-hour coaching feedback session with me.

Foundations One™ Training Program (3 months) - An initial program of upgrading your own mental habits of thinking, lighting up a new path, identifying how you're going to get to where you want to go and first results from practice.

Foundations Two™ Training Program (3 month iterations) - You can repeat this program multiple times. It is designed to deepen your level of understanding and increase expertise each time, allowing you to progress onto bigger things. As you skill and ability grows, so does your capability to take on greater challenges.

Growth Coaching - Ad-hoc packages of 6 sessions (approx 90 minutes each), to work through a specific challenge area.

Coming later this year... On-demand modules one at a time - To tackle one particular topic or need.

Money-Back Guarantee (Available for Individuals) - I start almost every personal engagement with a values assessment. If within 7-days of completing your coaching feedback session you are not satisfied with your planned next actions (provided you've done the work of course), I will refund your purchase (minus an admin fee for the assessment itself).

Disclaimer: Coaching is concerned with moving forwards, it is not concerned with resolving issues of the past which broadly speaking is therapy. If you need therapy, please consult a qualified practitioner.

Book a free discovery call

If you would like to book a free 30 minute discovery call, to find out how this can help you please click the button below. There's never any obligation or pressure to buy. I'll give the options best suited to you. It's then over to you.

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