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Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire

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I work in person and online internationally with individuals, solopreneurs, leaders and their teams who are looking to create impact in their life/business and are ready to take on their next big thing.

Engaging the right coach can be an uncertain and difficult decision to begin with. So, take a look around the site first to get to know more of what I do and how I do it. Most of what you need is on this page. To get an idea of the power of the tools I use, take your own personal values survey and book a discovery call with me. They are free and both are extremely useful in helping you to decide where to go next.

And be sure to get yourself on the mailing list too for future updates and new courses.

Leadership Development

Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire

Meet Andy

Like most of us, the arrival of Covid reset some of my priorities. I've changed careers several times before, most latterly from project manager to chiropractor, but the pandemic required me to do it again.


I've always had a love of learning, training and coaching, personal development and leadership development. So I set up Momentum Wellbeing, a business aimed at helping others find the impact they want to make and then go about enabling them to create it. Being a healthcare professional means I get to work with my hands, but I can only do that one person at a time. Being a coach and a trainer means I increase my reach and therefore my own personal impact.

I have a vision of creating this level of personal growth for as many people as I can, because as I am discovering for myself, with these skills you can set about creating just about anything you want to; how you live, partnership, relationships, your work and business.

​Don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere near the finished product myself. Not ... even ... close! I don’t even know what that would look like.


What I do know is that I have the opportunity to educate others (especially my children) in navigating their own way, leading by example and making a mark on the world.

Watching the “ripple effect” of those people stepping forward in their lives and the impact they then have on their families, friends, businesses and communities continues to be one of the most awe-inspiring and humbling privileges of my life (…. so far).

Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


“It allowed me to look at where I was and what made me happy!"
Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


"A new way of approaching things and support on how to change habits for the better"
Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


"Andy created a safe space for me to work into what I needed to look closely at (and had been avoiding)"

Not sure where to start?
Try this...

Take your own Personal Values assessment - it's free to you (actually it's on me, I subsidise it but the money goes to charity). This gives you a simplified snapshot of what's important for you right now. Your assessment report will be emailed to you. Come back here afterwards and book your own Discovery Call to find out where to go next. If you want something more in-depth (for example how well you're living your values in your work, check out the other assessments). They are a great way to get started and they include a coaching feedback session with me.

Life Coaching

Coaching will bring out the best in you. Where you feel challenged, it can help you find new avenues, alternative solutions to tackle those things which hold you back. It encourages you to see more objectively, develop new skills, perhaps gain momentum and put things in their rightful place.

It's not therapy. If you need a therapist, this isn't right for you. Find the practitioner you need to help, when you've sorted that out, head back here to pick up your next steps.

If you need help in your personal growth, overcoming adversity, building for the future, leading by example, then this is definitely for you.

Ready to go to the next level?


To find out how I might help you, book your free Discovery Call.

blend both their life and business direction.

Book A Free Discovery Call

If you would like to book a free 30 minute discovery call, to find out more on Leadership development or personal development, please click the button below. There's never any obligation or pressure to buy. I'll give the options best suited to you. Then it's over to you.

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