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Team & Leadership Development

Either work on the culture you want or you'll end up with the culture you deserve. Culture is derived from those that take up a leadership position. In turn this drives the culture of the team which ultimately shows up in results and the wellness of those involved.

For teams, I offer the tools and plans to nurturing their culture you want.

For leaders, I offer the tools to inventory, assess, monitor and strategically develop your values-based personal abilities.

Doubting your decisions?

Not pulling together?

Frustrated with team performance?

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Do a quick search on Google on the problems of team working and you'll bump into these topics right away: unclear mission, goals, accountability, team leadership skills, productivity, trust and communication.


The list is as long as it is wide. It's a minefield of whys, who's doing what, personal motivations (money, power, position), metrics, performance management, responsibilities, talent and reward management.

Dysfunction can show up in many ways from poor results to high sickness leave, each one though impacts wellness of either the individual and/or the team as a whole.

Underlying Causes

In his book "5 Dysfunctions of a Team" (2002), Patrick Lencioni identified absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoiding accountability and inattention to results (in that order) as the major challenges to successful sustained team growth.

In my work, I have experienced one area to have a more profound and lasting impact that any other: Values. 

And these are what I work on. With leaders, teams and whole organisations.

If you're in a team, knowing your own values and how these are / are not represented shows you how much you can (or cannot) bring your-self to work. 

If you're a leader, understanding your own values and how you embody (not avoid) these at work shows where you might be exemplifying or undermining your own team.

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Underlying Causes

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Get Help

Get Help

Our values cannot be seen, but the attitudes and behaviours which they drive are visible to all every hour every day. 

I work with Barrett Values to assess the current scope of values collectively held by a team, the values they experience at work and the ones which they would really like to have in the team. Barrett Analytics provides a holistic view of the team as a whole without disclosing the individuals' choices. It also show a score of Cultural Entropy, ie the amount of dysfunction in a team. It's statistical and so can be measured and repeated over time to track progress.

This approach identifies where you're quickest and most effective actions can be taken. It also provides for coaching key workers in a team as well as leadership development. 

It is a strategy for building success and increasing wellness in teams.

Not sure where to start?
Try this...

Take your own Personal Values assessment - it's free to you (actually it's on me, I subsidise it but the money goes to charity). This gives you a simplified snapshot of what's important for you right now. Your assessment report will be emailed to you. Come back here afterwards and book your own Discovery Call to find out where to go next. If you want something more in-depth (for example your own leadership values), check out the leadership self-assessment. They are a great way to get started and they include a coaching feedback session with me.

Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


“It allowed me to look at where I was and what made me happy!"
Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


"A new way of approaching things and support on how to change habits for the better"

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