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Not quite where you want to be in life? Dead end job? Or maybe you've got a great job but you just not feeling it somehow? Perhaps life threw you something you weren't expecting?

What matters most is that you have a sense of wanting to make it different. Believing your circumstances can be different is the first step. Now you just need the how.

I offer individuals a systematic method of creating new mental skills and habits which when applied on a regular basis will propel you along the path you choose and achieve radically different set of results.

Set a new direction. Learn the skills. Systematically implement them. Teach those around you.

Career ladder up against the wrong wall?


Curveball you weren't expecting?

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Something up?

What happened?

There are some things in life you can absolutely guarantee and depend upon. And, there are more these days which will catch you off-guard and unprepared.

Your ability to cope is tested to the extreme. Stress, overwhelm, tension with those around you are all unwelcome bedfellows. It may trigger your survival instincts whether you realise it or not. 

Maybe you want to change your career. Maybe you already have. Perhaps you're in a period of recovery and re-adjustment after a significant life event; divorce, kids leaving home, employment, financial loss or retirement.

Or maybe you just feel off-track, lacklustre, not where you expected to be or have a sense of just wanting more out of life...?

Sound at all familiar?

When the proverbial brown stuff hits "the fan", you may respond  in one of 3 ways; With a fight (get stuck in and deal with it), flight (avoid) or freeze (hope it goes away).

This can generate feelings of being stuck, trapped, no control, overwhelm or carrying the weight of the world.


Fear of making a mistake, generates procrastination and a lack of drive turning into self-doubt, self-sabotage and reduced confidence.

What if you make a wrong decision?

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Problems I Help With

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Get Help

Get Help

Some life challenges seem insurmountable. Sometimes they feel so large and out of our control that you don't believe you will ever make it through. Others are much smaller challenges, but that doesn't make them any less difficult to move beyond.

Recovery begins when you realise that what you see and feel may not be as accurate as you think. 

When I work with you for the first time, it's essential to get an accurate picture of what's going on and what's really important to you. 

I do this using two assessments of your personal values (of your life). Your values are what drive you, your attitudes and behaviours. They are your "guiding stars". I use Barrett Values® for this purpose.

Upgrading how you think is the next step. I use Positive Intelligence® to achieve this and begin the process. It's the mental equivalent of a phone software upgrade (only for your habits of thinking). It allows you to start thinking differently and so respond differently to what's challenging you.

Once those are in place, I help you create the direction you want to go in, craft the outcomes you want to see and the tactics to make them happen. And if you want, I'll keep you accountable too.

Not sure where to start?
Try this...

Take your own Personal Values assessment - it's free to you (actually it's on me, I subsidise it but the money goes to charity). This gives you a simplified snapshot of what's important for you right now. Your assessment report will be emailed to you. Come back here afterwards and book your own Discovery Call to find out where to go next. If you want something more in-depth (for example how well you're living your values in your work, check out the other assessments). They are a great way to get started and they include a coaching feedback session with me.

Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


“It allowed me to look at where I was and what made me happy!"
Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


"A new way of approaching things and support on how to change habits for the better"

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