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It's true, running your own business can be a hugely​ rewarding and liberating experience.


But it can also become a total pain in the butt, leaving you working long hours alone, nowhere close to where you planned to be and with feelings of being stuck in a situation you can't get out of just because you started.

I offer solopreneurs strategic & project planning, personal & business values alignment and implementation accountability. These lift motivation, purpose, drive and accelerate performance. 

If you feel stuck in a rut or you're about to start your own business, read on...

Doubting your decisions?

Can't get things done?


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Is this you?

Things not going to plan

Slow growth or worse, no growth, can be hugely demotivating especially when you're pulling out all the stops to make it happen, yet success seems to be persistently elusive. 

A lack of desired results will eat away at your confidence. You may begin to question your decisions. Really what you're doing is doubting your own abilities. Feeling defeated is not a recipe for making sound business decisions or taking difficult actions.

Working by yourself, whether you're interacting in a home-office or other environment may lead to isolation, sentiments of loneliness and a lack of socialisation.

Every solopreneur will likely experience these on some level at some time.

Perhaps you're looking to start your own business? Did you consider if your idea is actually a good fit for you? Or just jump at the first thing that seemed like it could work?

On or Off Course?

Running your own business isn't about having a "job". ​It's about being your own boss, having command over when, where and how you work.

Too often though the line between work and life becomes blurred; one impacts the other or worst case, consumes it.

Feeling swamped, stressed, overwhelmed or disorganised is common. So is being very very busy in your business (aka successful), but are you taking time out to check that you're heading in the direction you set out on?

And what do you do if things are not going to plan? Just work harder? Longer hours?

Having a strategic plan for your business is not just a good idea, it's essential. And not just one you do once a year and stuff it in a drawer. It's one you must periodically check yourself against.


How else will you know if you're going off-track? Or actually on it?

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Problems I Help With

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Get Help

Life is a team sport, so should running your own business be. It is, after all, supposed to be fun!

Helping you take a step back, check your bearings and the press ahead is where I come in. You can probably do your own vision and mission. Although don't be surprised if you can't. Many people struggle with this, including me when I started out by myself. 

This is more than setting a goal. It's about why you are doing what you are doing. Our values underpin everything we do and how we behave. That's why I start with them in most cases.

Understanding your deep personal values and how they show up in your business are essential for driving the right kind of behaviours and actions to generate the kind of results you're looking for (assuming of course that's the reason you went into running your own business). Engineering strategic projects off the back of these will sharpen your focus, drive, ambition and results.

If you're about to set up your own business, get a call booked now to check it's the right thing for you.

And if you already have people working for you, check out the Teams & Leadership page for cultural and wellbeing assessments.

Not sure where to start?
Try this...

Take your own Personal Values assessment - it's free to you (actually it's on me, I subsidise it but the money goes to charity). This gives you a simplified snapshot of what's important for you right now. Your assessment report will be emailed to you. Come back here afterwards and book your own Discovery Call to find out where to go next. If you want something more in-depth (for example how well you're living your values in your work, check out the other assessments). They are a great way to get started and they include a coaching feedback session with me.

Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


“It allowed me to look at where I was and what made me happy!"
Momentum Wellbeing Online Coaching Oxfordshire


"A new way of approaching things and support on how to change habits for the better"

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